9th Annual Chamber Round Table

Thursday, March 22, 6:30pm at Iola Historical Society’s Machine Shed, 222 Depot Street, Iola.

It’s an annual gathering of more than 30 community businesses, non-profit civic groups and government organizations to discuss plans and needs for the coming year. We find out about local business expansion plans, non-profit groups’ needs and volunteer opportunities, and community events. In regards to the events in the community, we discuss ways for all to participate in and benefit from, and to coordinate timing and marketing efforts. More…

Each business owner or group leader gets 1-3 minutes to talk, IF DESIRED (not required), about upcoming plans and needs, then answer any questions from the audience. Due to the number of attendees and limited time, a timing light will again be used this year to keep the Roundtable on track. Bringing handouts helps your presentation and speeds things up. We provide minutes of the Roundtable to all Chamber members. You are encouraged to follow-up after the Roundtable on anything pertinent.

The Roundtable also provides networking opportunities, as many times people in the community are not aware of what is going on specifically with local businesses and organizations or who the principal people are for each entity.