Glacier Woods Golf Course in Top 5

Golf Advisor has named Glacier Woods Golf Course #4 in the top courses under $50 in the nation!

The vast majority of rounds being played in this country aren't on bucket-list courses, but on affordable courses golfers can play regularly.

With that in mind, Golf Advisor set out to identify the 50 best courses you can play, again and again, under $50.

They looked at all of our reviews of U.S. courses dating back to the beginning of 2014 through the first half of 2016 (minimum of 20 reviews) to find the top-rated courses with green fees -- at least walkable during the week -- under $50. We see some common denominators in this list:

• The Midwest leads the way. Here are the most entries in this top 50 by state:

Indiana: 5 
Michigan: 5 
North Carolina: 5 
Kentucky: 4 
Ohio: 4 
Georgia: 4 
Wisconsin: 3 
Alabama: 3

• The vast majority of these courses are not over 7,000 yards. In fact, many are in the 6,500-6,700 range. It goes to show that more length generally leads to higher green fees, and most golfers aren't playing from the tips anyways.

• There are a healthy number of state and metropark-type courses. Golfers seem to find a luxury in layouts that don't require an adjacent housing component and are instead on a protected piece of natural property.

• Many of these courses are walkable and have separate walking rates.

More information can be found here.